How to Whiten Your Teeth if You are a Smoker

Cigarette smoking is not only harmful to your health but will also ruin the appearance of your teeth. These stains are quite hard to remove especially if you do not know the proper methods that are meant to remove such stains. Here are some of the ways though which you will be able to get rid of the stubborn stains that resulted from smoking:

Use of whitening toothpaste

You can start by replacing your regular toothpaste with whitening toothpaste. The results from the use of this method may take some time to show which makes some people regard this method as ineffective. Your dentist will recommend an effective brand that will not be a disappointment.

Laser teeth whitening treatment

Laser teeth whitening should only be carried out by a dentist as the chemicals used are very strong. The method will be convenient if you need immediate results. It is regarded as one of the most effective stain removal methods and will only take 15 to one hour to have the process completed and you will leave the dentist’s office with a new look.

Using hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen is another teeth whitening agent that you can use at home. You will dilute a minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide with some water and use it to rinse your mouth. Alternatively, you can buy a whitening mouth rinse that your dentist will recommend. This method takes time and will require a lot of patience.

Use of natural teeth whitening products

A lot of naturally available products can be used to whiten your teeth such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

When making an effort to make the teeth whiter, it will be important to avoid foods that will stain your teeth such as coffee and tea. Good oral hygiene is also a great way of ensuring that the stains are cleared off. If you do not brush your teeth, the tartar will continue to build up, leading to more stains.